Sometimes “fault” or “liability” in an automobile accident is clear cut. A common type of accident
occurs when one driver has to slow or stop due to the flow of traffic and is “rear ended” by
another driver who failed to pay adequate attention to what was happening in front of him or her.
In rear end accidents, fault is usually considered an open and shut case. Even in cases like this,
where liability is clear, an experienced attorney can discover facts that make the case more
valuable and allow the attorney to leverage a better result for his client.
In many automobile accidents, the issue of fault is contested. Sometimes there is an honest
dispute in what the opposing drivers remember had happened in the accident. In other times,

even though fault is relatively clear, an unscrupulous insurance company will focus on a minor
aspect of a case and take the position that their driver is either not “at fault,” or that both drivers
share a percentage of fault. In cases like this, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney
fighting for your rights. Don’t let an unscrupulous insurance company keep you from getting
what you deserve!
In any automobile accident, an experienced attorney can be invaluable when it comes to
discovering facts that prove who was at fault and maximizing the value of your case. An
aggressive attorney can track down and secure the cooperation of independent witnesses,
obtain video of the collision, or issue subpoenas for 911 calls. Don’t try to fight the other driver’s
insurance company by yourself!

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